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Tru Pac India

Plastic Products

Microwavable Containers with Lids

Microwave Container

Container with lead

PP Plate

PP Plate Compartment

Plastic Catering Tray with Dome Lids

Plastic Straw

Plastic Food Bags

Plastic Food Bags

Hinged - Portion Cups Square

Plastic Spoon

Plastic Knife

Microwaveable Hinged Clamshell

Hinged Container

Microwaveable Hinged Clamshell

Plastic Sword Picks

Hairnet Nylon Cap Brown

Plastic Container Clear

PET Lid for Rectangle Bowl

Clear Hinged Square Plastic Container

Napkins Bands

Tamper-Evident Cap

Plastic Cutlery Set

PET Cold Cups Clear

Dome Lid Cups with Straw Slot Clear

Portion Cup

Travelers Lids Hot Cup

PET Clear Square Juice Bottle

PET Party Cold Cups

Plastic Serving Tong Black

Plastic Fork

Crystal Wrap

Microwaveable Hinged Clamshell

Round Microwavable Containers with Lids

Squeeze Bottle

Plastic Take-Out Container

Hinged - Portion Cups

Portion Cups

Rectangle Microwavable Containers

Dart Lids For Portion Cups

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